Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mother´s Day is a Hoax!

Now I´ve done it! I actually said that out loud for everyone in the world to see online: 

Mother´s Day is a hoax!

I really mean it! 

It´s a hoax, made by florists world wide to get an extra buck. That is all they care about, so when ever you are presented with 'these important messages' on television or open a magazine round these days, where flowers in abundance are thrown in your face asking you: "How will YOU show your mother your appreciation?" I ask you remember this: It´s a hoax! They don´t care about your mother. They don´t care about you. They don´t care about the relationship between you and your mother!

Now, don´t get me wrong. Having a fixed day every year to applaud mothers of the world is not such a bad idea. In fact, having such a day really is a good help remembering to appreciate our mum and all she has done for us. And even more so: it´s a good way to remember actually showing your love for your mum. Most of us don´t think much about how our mum has been playing and hopefully still is playing an important role in our lives, because most mums do so without any hesitation or regard for their own well being. Really loving mothers don´t make a fuzz about all the good things they are doing for their children and that´s why we sometimes forget to appreciate them.

So no, Mother´s Day isn´t such a bad idea in itself, but exactly this is the key phrase: in itself!

The problem is that Mother´s Day has been commercialized. It´s all about money and how to get YOU to spend them. But what would happen, if you paused for a bit and thought about that annual flower party? What is it that by gifting flowers you show your love and appreciation? Is it the flowers themselves? When you really think about it, you will probably come to the same conclusion as me: it has nothing to do with the flowers! 

It has something to do with the fact, that you remembered your mum and remembered to show your love and appreciation. If you were to skip the flowers, there are a lot of other things you can do instead.

And when you really think about it, isn´t buying flowers a tad bit too easy? I mean, all you really have to do to remember giving your mother flowers on Mothers Day is leaving a standing order at the florist to send your mother flowers every year on Mothers Day and then you can go on with your life without giving it any other thought. As long as your mum doesn´t find out, she will be happy and proud, but hey! Isn´t it a bit cheap?

Here is a tip: What about skipping those flowers? Just this once? Just this year? And do something completely different? There are so many other things you can to do give your mum a Mothers Day to remember:

  • Maybe she has a garden that needs tending?
  • Maybe she needs a day off, where you are the one doing all her usual chores?
  • Or maybe she would appreciate if you wrote her a poem or a letter telling her how much she means to you?
  • What about painting her a picture or drawing a drawing?

What ever you do, you don´t even have to be very good at it, because she will appreciate you taking your time to do what ever it is you have chosen do to for her. A bad pencil drawing of a house would mean so much more to her than a bunch of plants you bought on your way home from work, because you took the time and made an effort to show her your love.

Make this year´s Mothers Day a day to remember!

It´s this Sunday and today is Wednesday, so you have plenty of time to thin of something really great!

Make this year´s Mothers Day a day to remember!