Monday, February 25, 2013

A great way to find new books!

As an author, I want people to buy and read my books, of course...

But there is more to it than that. Every author I know has a common trade, a part of their personality that will always shine through our obvious interest to sell books: we love books! We love writing them, of course, but we also love reading them, keeping them on our shelves and enjoying the special magic they possess.

That´s why authors tend to look at other authors, not merely as competitors, but much more as colleagues and  fellow book lovers and as a result, we want our fellow authors to succeed selling their books so that they can be read by a wide variety of readers.

It´s a challenge, perhaps even more so today than it was in the past. The market for books has changed massively in the past 10-20 years and it is still changing. Books used to be sold in a book store and anyone looking for a book would most potentially go to a book store asking the store keeper about the best books available and they would be advised on which book or books would be the best purchase.

But today, books are sold in many different ways of which two of the most important are the eBook and the Print On Demand books available on the internet. This is an many ways a great advantage, both because of the obvious preservation of nature due to production being digital or at least minimized to physical copies only to the extend needed based on demand, but also because these new possibilities make books cheaper in general.

Still, these new ways of selling and buying books has one built-in fault: there are no shop keepers to help you buy the book that would be the best buy for you...

Luckily, there are solutions to this problem. The internet is filled with all kinds of sites, where books are rated and/or recommended by readers.

One of these sites is the Author Marketing Club and one of the best things on this site is that it differs from sites such as Amazon, Sony and Apple in the way that Author Marketing Club doesn´t sell books. All books at Author Marketing Club are recommended by authors and readers instead of the companies who do not care about which books they sell as long as they sell them. In other words, I think this gives you a cleaner recommendation.

Don´t take my word for it, though... Go see for yourself by subscribing to their news letter. You don´t have to buy anything and there are no costs involved in subscribing. So, why not give it a try?

Just follow this link, subscribe and that´s it!