Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The big 6 Publishers tightening the screws on Indie Authors

Best as you would think, the trenches between Publishers and Indie Authors could not be dug any deeper, it seems the big Publishing Houses have decided to take out the big spades and digging frantically into the underground as if they could undermine Indie Authoring all together.

Rumours have it, that the big 6 publisher of NY are tightening the screws on Indie Authoring. This time they are using the authors already in their stables as a sort of Gate Keepers by demanding that the refrain from providing Indie Authors or unknown Authors with blurbs and thereby helping these newer authors to advance their works.

This is, said in the nicest manner I can think of, a highly peculiar choice of tactics for a number of reasons:

First of all, artist of all times have had this tradition of helping newcomers on their way. From painters to musicians to magicians and to authors, the established have always felt an obligation to help the new kid on the block to success. Why? Becasue at some point someone did the same for them and they remember how much it meant to them.

Secondly, as stated at the top of this post, the trenches have already been dug deep enough and the effect has been the same every time: the more the Publishers complain and moan and the more they put hindrinces in the way of upcoming authors, the more Indie Authoring is boosted.

A third reason is that the possibilities of the internet completely takes away the Publishing Houses´ monopolylike grip on authors. If they do not up themselves and make firm decisions to listen to the authors and beginning to understand that authors are not their costumers, they are, in fact, their providers and breadwinners, they might very soon find semselves sitting on a branch that starts making cracking noises. Because if they continue to fail, others, like Amazon, are ready to take over.