Friday, March 2, 2012

Read an Ebook week starting this monday!

Read an Ebook Week coming up!

Have you ever considered reading an Ebook, but just never came round to it?
Are you already an Ebook reader looking for good deals?
Or are you just curious about this kind of reading?

Now is the time to do something about it!
Starting this Sunday 4th of March 00.01 PST you can get Ebooks on sale at 25% - 50% - 75% - or even FREE! Yes, that´s what I wrote: FOR FREE!

Whatever your position on Ebooks, Read an Ebook Week is a good opportunity.
An opportunity to get to know about Ebooks.
An opportunity to get to know more about Ebooks
An opportunity to find good deals on Ebooks
And perhaps you can find more good reason why Read an Ebook Week is a good thing?

Here are my own Ebooks in this promotion:
View this book on Smashwords
The Mysterious Disappearance of McGrath

Usual price: $0.99 - Use CODE: RE100 to get the book for FREE!

View this book on Smashwords
The Sheriff´s Car Heist

Usual price: $0.99 - Use CODE: RE100 to get the book for FREE!

Additionally, I hope to get my newest collection of Flash Fiction out during the week and this will be set at a 50% discount, so keep out an eye for:
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Embarrassing Moments!

"Embarrassing Moments!" is available in Danish, but I am translating it as we speak and hope to have it ready withing a few days. I´ll post on my blog as soon as it´s available in English!

I have more titles participating in the week, but unless you read Danish, they are going to be a disappointment. The promotion codes for all books on sale this week at are, depending on the discount:
RE100 - FREE
REW25 - 25% off
REW50 - 50% off
REW75 - 75% off

What is "Read an Ebook Week?"

Well, you can get more info on the story behind the week by visiting, but the short version is that the week started as a way to open the world of Ebooks to the general public. To read an Ebook you do, after all, need some tools that you may not have already in your household. That is: you need a device to read the book on.

The devices to read an Ebook are widely available and if you´re just starting out, you may not want to spend half the contents in your pigge bank. Luckily this is not nescessary! In fact, you can start with a budget as low as 0, nill, nothing, zero, nada, no money at all!

Now, isn´t that a good reason to get started on Ebooks?

How do I get a reading device for Ebooks?

Depending on how you want to read Ebooks, there are many solutions, you might want to consider. I will list some of them here, but the list is by no means emptying!

If you read on your PC: Adobe Digital
If you read on any Android device: Kobo (use the QR-code below) or Aldiko
Kobo QR Code


If you read on your iPhone: don´t worry, the ereader is already installed

Designated ereaders are Kindle, Kobo, Sony and a whole bunch of others which are most easily attained by either walking into a store to get it or by googling ereaders and selecting the one you prefer.

Since I have never used designated Ereaders I wouldn´t be able to recommend which one is the best, but from what I hear, the Kindle provides you with a very good reading experience - just remember that if you read children´s books or other books with colored pictures, it´s a good idea to check if the Ereader, you´ve set your eyes on, has a color screen...

Are you going to get yourself some good reads at good prices?
Are you participating in this international Read an Ebook Week?

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