Thursday, March 29, 2012

War between gods

It is so exciting to work with the old Norse myths! Right now I'm going with the story of how Vanes and Ases come to war with each other. It all starts as the Vane Guldveig arrives in Asgard to offer her services as a soothsayer. Vanes perform Seid, a magic, the Ases aren´t familiar with and she has the special ability to light a fire in the Aesir heart awakening their deepest passions and jealousy. It takes a while before they figure out what is going on, but when they find that all their recent quarrels and disagreements come from Guldveig´s magic, they respond promptly. Guldveig is pierced through the heart with a spear. But mysteriously enough , she doesn´t die. Then they try burning her, but still no result. Three times she is burned and three times she survives, then leaves Asgard and returns to her home in Vanaheim. The Vanes being angry about the treatment she received in Asgard,  they send their fiercest warriors to Asgard and a war begins.

In the end, the two godly tribes come to an agreement and decide on a truce. To ensure the peace between them, they exchange memebers of their families, so that some of the Ases come to live at Vanaheim and some of the Vanes come to live in Asgard.

That´s the short version... The narrative version is under way and I´m very much looking forward to publishing!