Saturday, April 7, 2012

Husband´s Shopping Survival Guide

These past few weeks I´ve been writing about Norse Mythology, so this post is mostly a break feature to loosen up a bit.

The subject of the post was practically thrown in my face, when I was presented with an article from one of my firends on FaceBook. 

Instead of reporting its content, here is the article as it was presented to me:

This is the link to the share on FaceBook:

The article doesn´t go in to the reasons why this poor fellow decided to do these things, but I have an idea - and I would be very surprised, if not at least some of you guys out there have an idea as well. What IS it with women and their dying desire to buy all these things, they really don´t need and use their husbands as mules stacking up packages and bags and depriving them of their outlook only to be left to the guidance of their wives, who abviously have both hands free to browse for clothes and shoes and of course, to punch the key code for their credit cards?

At least this guy has retaken the fun of shopping the male way and we should do more than just applaud him for his efforts. That´s why I´ve decided to write a 'Husband´s Shopping Survival Guide' and I´m inviting you to participate. Weither you are a man or a woman doesn´t matter, as long as you provide me with more ideas on how to pass time when shopping with the wife or girlfriend.

Let´s see how well we can all prepare husbands all over the world for a shopping spree with great fun! Comment below with your ideas and I´ll put it all together in an eBook and publish it. When I´m done and published the thing, I´ll provide you all with a coupon code for Smashwords to get it for free.

So, without further ado, let´s get started. I will expand the list with three ideas and then I´ll be looking forward to your brilliant ideas. Only one rule: all ideas must be harmless! Let´s go:

#8. Play hide and seek with the kids
#9. Switch peoples shopping carts around when they´re not looking
#10. Wear a dress from the ladies departement and take a stroll round the whole mall with it Right! You turn!

Comment beneath to participate: