Friday, April 20, 2012

Why is spanking such an issue?

Writing about raising children and specifically when I´ve written about how spanking is not a very good idea (to say the least!) I´ve received a couple of complaints on the topic from people who disagree.

Now, that´s to be expected. We can´t agree on everything and if I wrote about things that no one disagreed on, it would be a rather boring blog, wouldn´t it?

But was has taken me by surprise is the way this topic (spanking) seems to have people agitated and angry in such a way that it brings the topic right up in the 'Debating Minefield' along with religion and politics.

Why is that? I mean, if you look at all the most embarrassing topics of life, say over eating or having a bad breath - or even when it comes to being unemployed, these topics are hot, yes, but they don´t even come close to the rumble and verbal attacks I´ve been experiencing when talking about spanking.

So this is the question I´ve been asking myself these past days - and you know what? I actually think I´ve come up with a likely answer.

When politics and religion are hot topics and bring people to say and do the craziest things, it has something to do with the fact, that they are closer to our hearts than they are to our brains. What I mean by this is that having faith as a Christian, Muslim or what ever religion is yours, connects with our deepest emotions. The questions raised an answered by religion (even if those answers might from time to time seem odd to other people than those who believe) are among the most important ones, because they have to do with our inner selves. They are existential in the philosophical meaning of the word. These Q´s and A´s touch our mind and soul and heart in a way that no other kind of thing in this world.

The same goes for politics. If you think politics has to do with opinions and ideology based on your life philosophy for the average voter, think again! Surveys show very clearly that any statement made by a politician  is interpreted by the general voter as a direct result of who´s statement it is! In other words: if you´re an Obama kind of guy, you will tend to agree more with a statement, if you´ve been told that Obama said it, than if you were told Romney said it...

Religion, politics.... it´s all about basic emotions - and so is spanking!

If you´ve been spanked as a kid, you will have very strong feelings about it, weither you´re pro or con spanking. This means that every time the topic comes up, you speak your heart about it, not your mind...

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