Thursday, September 13, 2012

Skrymers Glove

The Aseir and the Yetten are at war in the Milky Way Galaxy and the Aseir are fighting to keep their technological advantage. They have sent an expedition to Earth to convey experiments with the Fyrkat device to obtain the ability to move between planets through wormholes. During a Yetten attack, the expeditions command ship, Svalinn, is shot down with Thor and his friend, Loke in it. They crash land in the Baltic Sea (hence the inspiration from the ocean x team) and as they cannot get in contact with the rest of the expedition, who have evacuated, they set out to secure two important objects from Fyrkat, so that the new technology does not fall in enemy hands. When arriving at Fyrkat, they engage the Yetten and rescue two earth children, Tjalfe and his sister Røskva, but Loke disappears immidiately and shortly after the Yetten obducts Røskva and Tjalfe. Even though evidence points towards someone from the crew being a spy for the Yetten, Thor is determined to find Loke, Røskva and Tjalfe and a crazy rescue attempt begins in the dangerous black hole cluster, Skrymers Glove. But how can Thor know for sure that Loke is not the traitor and how will they manage to get through the fields of extreme gravity without being crushed in both space and time?

Expected Publishing date: 15th of January 2013