Sunday, January 1, 2012

Slippery Slide - minding another´s adultery

When John asks Bill to mind his profile on Victorias Secret, a web site for married people who wants to have an affair, Bill declines, but somehow he can´t seem to get out of it and suddenly he finds himself not only minding John´s profile, but also his escapades. The story takes twists and turns and from a humorous point brings the reader to think about how modern day society influences our way of life.

Beneath is the first chapter for your enjoyment and the Author would very much appreciate any comments and suggestions:

Chapter 1: Couple´s Therapy?

“Couples therapy?” I said and grabbed an after-football beer from the box.

I was used to the strange ideas John came up with, but this one really took the prize.

“How can cheating on your wife ever be like couples therapy?” I asked, knowing in my every bone it probably wasn´t a good idea to ask him to elaborate.

He looked like a boy who just opened his Christmas present to discover he got exactly the one thing he had wished for the most. “Well, it´s obvious,” he explained, “what is the back bone in every marriage?”

Various answers came up in my head: Trust, an open mind, listening to each other, giving without expecting and a few others. But I have to admit that John´s answer never crossed my mind.

“Power distribution!” he said and took a zip from his beer. Then he continued in a school teacher sort of way: “The outcome of the power struggle between husband and wife determines how the marriage goes,” he said and looked like he thought himself a real expert with no less than four wrecked marriages on his sheet. “If you don´t grab the bigger piece of power, she will!” he continued.

This was the point where I really felt I had to protest. “But surely,” I said, “A marriage is about trust and love and being faithful to each other?”

John didn´t agree. In fact, he became quite agitated and just before he spoke I remembered he had a bit of a grudge against women´s rights activists. Probably because his first wife ran off with a friend from a civil rights group so fast she had mud slapping up her back.

“Now, let me tell you something,” he said, “those feminists have only one plan: to rip us of our manhood. They lie to us to make us think that there is something wrong with being a real man. But I gotta tell ya, part of being a man is to never cease an opportunity to spread out your genes. It´s just like investing. No one in their right mind put all their money on just one stock. You gotta spread your investments a little.”

“When you invest money, yeah,” I said, “but we´re not talking money here, we´re talking about love and about having a family. If you can´t trust each other in a marriage it´s not really a marriage…”

“That´s where you´re wrong,” he said, “you mark my words, if you wanna keep the power in your marriage, you gotta shake it up a bit. Get the feel that the women doesn´t own you. That´s how you get the upper hand.”

It really wasn´t an invitation to being bawdy, but Guzzle-George and Biff had an amazing talent for moving everything to a lower level. Up till now they had been busy stepping with their feet in the yellow water under the showers but now they both lit up in a quirky smile. “Yeah!” George said looking at Biff who picked up the queue at once. “And if you have the upper hand, she has her hand under yours and then you control where she places it…”

The roar of their laughter sling shot against the tiles of the shower room and disappeared down the drain with the last drop of lazy urine and it was clear that any chance of serious conversation had just disappeared the same way.