Sunday, January 29, 2012

Where do socks disappear to when they vanish?

Where do sock disappear to?

If you ever wondered where socks disappear to, when they suddenly vanish from your laundry, help is on the way:

This is what happens: Inside your washing machine there is a portal transporting your socks to Sock Island, where they have a well deserved vacation after weeks and weeks of staying in a dark drawer, being walked inside of smelly and air tight shoes and boots and being washed round and round and round till they get dizzy and want to puke.

In Sebastian on Sock Island we meet the boy Sebastian who gets sucked through this portal and lands on Sock Island, where he has a marvellous time with the two socks, Sokkey and Stockey. But something is terribly wrong on Sock Island. The nasty Woolley is out for power and wants Sock Island to be his personal kingdom. He has stolen the key to the portal and Sebastian can´t get home to his family, before he has found the key through many dangerous adventures.

The story is still under way and we expect it to be published in Danish this fall and then it should be translated and adapted into English spring 2013.

Looking forward to publish, it would be magnificent to hear your comments on the idea...

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