Wednesday, June 20, 2012

And now to something completely different

Usually I write about family and culture on this blog, but being an author I sometimes post a preview of what I´m writing at the moment.

This is some of what I wrote today. It´s for the upcoming novel 'Fyrkat' about how Norse Mythology is really derived from aliens visiting our planet 1000 years ago - I bet you didn´t know that, did you?? ;-)

Anyway, this is part of Chapter 15: The Aseir Watchmen, so sit back and relax. If you get to the end, please tell me what you think...


Thor was sitting in his chair aboard ‘The Mjolner’ looking at his screens when Loke appeared in the door. “Everything should be in place,” Loke said and approached his commander. They both had a feeling of awe being here again after all that time. “So much pain and suffering,” Thor sighed. He had his eyes fixed on the virtual screen, where he could follow almost every move of every living thing down on the planet surface. 

“Some times I wonder, if it was all worth it,” Loke replied. This statement made Thor turn his head in anger. “What?” he said, “Of course it´s worth it. Where would we be, if we hadn´t done, what we did?” He calmed down and lowered his voice. “Where would they be?” he muttered. Loke was used to Thor´s temper and was probably the only one on the ship, who wasn´t intimidated by it. “Well, I don´t know where we would be,” he said, “but chances are... they wouldn´t be at all. The Yetten fleet would most certainly have destroyed them. Maybe even demolished the whole planet to bits and pieces.”

There was a short silent moment before Loke asked the question that had been burning inside of him for more than a millenium. “I still don´t get it, Thor,” he said, “why do the Yetten see these people as such a threat? I mean, come on...! When we first discovered them, they had barely figured out how to make fire, let alone weapons.” He shook his head while speaking his mind and he hoped Thor would at least try to answer his question this time, though he never had before. It was almost as if the answer to that simple question hurt Thor physically.

In all the years, Loke and Thor had commanded ‘The Mjolner’ together, Thor had a thing for these humans, but ever since they left a millenium ago, he hadn´t wanted to talk about it - ever. Not a single word. Loke had a feeling that Thor knew much more about the humans than he wanted to share. And it was rather likely to be true. Thor had had access to time travel on a level that noone else in the entire Aseir civilization could even dream of having.

Thor turned off the screen and faced Loke. He had an expession on his face that Loke hadn´t seen before. As if he was sad and happy at the same time. Thor padded Loke once on his shoulder. “All in good time, Loke,” he said, “all in good time.”

Thor started walking to the door and they both walked down the corridor together. Loke felt a sort of relief when he realized that everything was going to change soon. It was almost as in the old days where he and Thor fought fierce battles against the Yetten fleet and Loke hadn´t had that feeling for a very long time. He felt it in every bone and his body seemed to react on it straightening up and walking tall and proud down the corridors.

The crew seemed to notice as well and as they passed groups of two or three Aseir warriors many of the crew stopped to turn their heads and follow their comanders with their eyes. Quite a few of them even showed smiles as they felt the warm flooding of a coming battle. Loke was both pleased and annoyed. He knew, what the crew didn´t: that even though a battle was coming, it was not for the Aseir warriors to fight. 

Thor hadn´t told him. Not in so many words. But still, Loke knew that this battle would be fought on Earth mostly by the humans and he felt bad about not being able to tell his fellow warriors the truth. After all, they were warriors and they had a right to be right in the center of this fight.

The both of them finally arrived at the destination on the ship and entered the transportation room. Thor opened the virtual screen by waving his hand over the console and up came a clear view of a small Island in the northern hemisphere of the planet. He drew a circle around a white stone building on the Island and zoomed in. Looking up at Loke, who had placed himself on the opposite side of the console he punched in the code for down transportation. “Ready?” he asked. Loke nodded and Thor punched the red button on the console.

There was a bright white light and their bodies began dissolving like a cloud of smoke on a windy day till they finally disappeared.


”Come on, guys!” Jeppe was eager to get inside the church and tried hurrying up the others. ”Where are you going?” Jenny asked in confusion as Jeppe went away from the church instead of toward it. ”We need to get the key first,” he replied with his back to them, ”I would prefer not to break in through a three inch thick door, if you don´t mind.” Jenny looked at Mike, who shrugged and picked up his bag to follow their Danish friend to a small house a few hundred yards down the road. ”Coming?” Jenny addressed Jim, who hadn´t moved.

He shook his head. ”No, I´d like to wait here, if that´s okay?” he said, ”I want to have a look at the church from the outside before we go in.” She started running to catch up with Jeppe and Mike with a ”suit yourself, Jim. See ya in a while” and Jim approached the church to have a look around.

It was by far the smallest church he had ever seen in his life and he couldn´t for the world understand why anyone would want to build such a thing instead of just having services at the inn or something. The church walls were white from top to one foot from the buttom and the lowest foot was painted pitch black. In many ways it was exactly like some of the old farm building on the Island and on the mainland for that matter. The sun was shining bright from the sky, but as a cloud gathered around the Island it was a bit darker than before.

Jim welcomed it, because the white church walls almost hurt his eyes when he looked at them and he really wanted to have a closer look at the markings on the walls. From a distance they seemed to be only small iron crosses, but as he came closer he saw there was something more to it. Most of the crosses were nothing special and probably had the purpose of holding the wall together in its weakest spots, but with a few of them the tips of the two strings weren´t inward bent as you would expect. Instead, these few crosses´ tips bent outwards and behind them were two small rings carved into the wall in such a way that the bending of the strings were exactly in the middle between the two rings. He touched one of them and jolted his hand back.

It wasn´t sharp, but the tip felt like it was connected to electricity and he had a small electric chock. He took of his rucksack and searched inside it. Then he found what he was looking for: a pencil. He held the pencil in his hand and approached the tip again, this time using the tip of the pencil.

Tsscichtz! He didn´t even touch it before it sent sparks out and he automatically jumped back a bit. The two rings behind the iron cross started glowing and it wasn´t before now that he realized how dark it was around him.

The glowing cross lit up a spherical shaped area about 10 feet from it and grew in size while shifting color from dim red over dark yellow, light yellow and further over to a white continously brightening light till his eyes hurt. He backstepped and hit a stone with his foot tripping backwards and landing on the other side of the stone still with his eyes fixed on the church wall. Though he couldn´t see the circles nor the iron cross there was no question that they were the origin of the light. Then something started to take form inside the light. As if a cloud of dust swirled together and kept intensifying pressure and the shape of a person began to take form right in front of him. 

Then he realized it wasn´t just one person, but two. Both of them rather tall and musculous. Swiisjch! The sound like a rock ´n roll CD being played backwards extremely fast accompanied the shrinking bubble of light and everything disappeared. Everything but two red bearded men with strange clothes, who looked right at him...

”Did you see that, Jimmy?” he heard Jenny shout somewhere behind him as she ran up the gravel path of the church, ”It was dark all of the sudden and then there was this strange bright light and....” Then she stopped talking and there was a short silence, before they could both hear Mike´s voice savouring the moment. 

”Wauw...” he said eyes wide open leaving his jaw on his chin. Then he seemed to pick himself up just enough to make a joke. ”This... this is exactly like playing ’World of Warcraft’... Wauw!”