Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pee Practice!

If you´re a parent you are most likely familiar with the concept of potty training, that is: the venture of teaching your kids to use the toilet and loose the diapers. But if you have boys you probably recognize the odor of that sticky yellow spot on both sides of the toilet bowl. Yes, I am talking about how even the boy with the amazing ability to write his name in the snow is suddenly deprived of his impeccable aim when standing at the very spot where his aim is most needed: in front of the toilet!

I have two boys myself and in our house such a spot has to be cleaned away on a daily basis in order for our home not to stink of you-know-what. For months I´ve thought about how to do something about it and several ideas have emerged and let go in my mind. One of them was placing a row of buckets in the garden and do a Pee Practice Session with my boys, but I am quite certain my wife wouldn´t appreciate us granting such a show for the neighbors. After several more ideas being regarded as a no-go, I almost gave up. But then I had an idea!

When you use a bathroom at a restaurant or in a hotel, they´ve quite often placed some kind of sticker on the ceramic bowl to improve the aim of male toilet goers. And from what I´ve heard it actually works! Why? Well, I think the success is drawing from the male playfulness: we wanna hit that ladybug or spider in the bowl and suddenly our concentration on what we are doing is improved.

But why not try it at home?

There is absolutely no reason I can think of that it shouldn´t work at home and doing a google search I found these stickers:

I´ve placed a similar sticker (as I wanted it to be implemented sooner than the time it takes for the sticker to arrive) in the bowl in an effort to lessen our workload. I really hope, it works and I´ll keep you posted on the development.

In the meantime you can take a look at eBay, where you can buy these stickers. They´re only $1.99 for two stickers. You can get them here (and no, I don´t get provisions):