Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sleep your way to a good relation

This post is going to be without any kind of pictures and there will be no formatting either...

It's not that I've gotten lazy (even if it was, you probably wouldn't have noticed anything different since this is actually a very important trade of mine: being lazy...)

No, the reason for this rather dull looking post is that I'm writing it in bed with my two youngest kids lying beside me. On my right I observe how my daughter's eyes seem to be made out of led and on the left I'm trying to avoid being whirled away by my son's heavy snoring.

Using Blogger-droid really isn't my favorite way of posting, but since my computer would be in the way...

The reason for writing this post is not that I am bored and need something to pass the time (probably I will soon engage in a snoring contest with my son)

No, I just had to share this moment with you and point out that being together creating relations is not so much about what you do. It is about doing it together!

Good night - sleep tight...
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