Sunday, May 5, 2013

BookReview: Miles of Daisyland

Miles of Daisyland

by Erik Ga Bean May 1st, 2013 - Word count: 10,330 - ISBN: 9781301314393

The story:
Jane, Rod and Freddie plan to rewrite their own history using a home made time machine sometime in the 22nd century. The plan is to visit Jane´s great grandfather, Adrian, and convince him to help them by giving him the numbers to win 1261st national lottery draw in 2008. Will our three friends succeed in making the changes in the course of time, keeping the temporal police from finding out?

My review:
One of the things I appreciate in a book is when the dialogue is authentic and moves on the story. If the dialogue doesn´t catch me, I´m most likely to stop reading after the first couple of lines. "Miles of Daisyland" doesn´t have good dialogue. In fact, it doesn´t have any kind of dialogue what so ever. But, as they say: rules are there to be broken. Sometimes braking a ground rule in writing can make the most impressive effects emerge and with "Miles of Daisyland" this is the case. The book actually gets better without dialogue, because the author seems to use this as a trick to get me as a reader, to consume the story in a very different way than I´m used to. Instead of reading the story as a book, his writing style refers me to sit in the chair beside my grandpa, who is going to tell me the story of when he and his friends from school tried to rewrite their own history. And for all purposes, it works like a charm. I really feel like I´m listening to someone telling me a story in which the storyteller has himself played a part. I was done reading reading the story in less than an hour and I both smiled, shook my head and wondered about the metha physics in time travel. Not many books can do that. I give this book 4 out of 5 stars...

Where you can get it:
"Miles of Daisyland" is available at the price of $0.99 here