Thursday, May 2, 2013

New Science Fiction underway - wanna help?

Do you love Science Fiction?
Do you love Norse Mythology?

If so, maybe you will find the idea of a blend between them quite intriguing.

This is exactly the plot of my Science Fiction Novel, "Skrymer´s Glove," which was published in Danish on the 17th of October last year. Right now, I´m struggling with a translation and will hopefully have the book ready for publishing in English within the next few months.

But, alas... I have come to realize I need help. Even though my English is certainly above average, there are issues with grammar and sentence structure, I have trouble overcoming.

This is where you might come in.

I´m in search for people, who love Science Fiction (or books in general) and want to help me edit the book for grammar, spelling and the flow of the text. Anyone participating will of course receive a free copy of the finished eBook (I´m working to find a solution, so that you can get a hard copy, but no promises there...)

This is how it works:

1. Write a comment in the field below or send me an email to:
2. You will then receive a copy of the draft in RTF, which is a standard format that can be opened by almost every editing programme such as word, openoffice and iPages
3. Read the draft and insert your comments as you see fit. If you´re one of those people who find grammar to be the most important thing in the world, focus on grammar. If your main competence is in the field of making a text flow, focus on text flow. If you prefer doing body count, please do that. Whatever makes you tick. As long as you comment on the text, so that I have something to work with.
4. When you´re ready, send the RTF back to me using the before mentioned email. I prefer receiving all comments integrated into an RTF-file, but if you have trouble saving the file as RTF, we´ll work out that problem as well.
5. I will then read through all your comments and based on them I will edit the book and send it to all of you, again as an RTF-file.
6. If after reading the edited file, you still have comments, please feel free to do so, but this is not an obligation.
7. Based on the second set of comments (if there are any) I will re-edit the book and publish it through, and other channels and you will receive a discount code to obtain your full and freely readable copy of the book in your preferred format, that being any of the formats listed here.

Hoping to see you participate,
Regards, Per Holbo